Month: March 2018

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Learn What Our Clients Have To Say

Countless people still ask us what we do for work, we get it all the time. We receive the typical, “Oh, you’re the credit card guys, right?” But there is much more that goes into our business besides “the credit card thing” and we thought sharing a client story might help it all make sense..…
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Searching for a Credit Card Processing Company?

While searching for a credit card processing company merchants are most likely prone to calling at least three companies in order to compare offers. Majority of the time someone will call into a sales line and a friendly sales representative will answer the phone. Most of these sales people that pick up the phone are…
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4 Places To Save On Your Credit Card Processing Statement

When it comes to Merchant Services, reading your statement every month might as well be comparable to reading ancient hieroglyphics There are random numbers all over the place, fees that you never knew existed, and a cluster of jibberish that is next to impossible to make sense of. Here are 4 places to look on…
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