Learn What Our Clients Have To Say

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Learn What Our Clients Have To Say

Countless people still ask us what we do for work, we get it all the time. We receive the typical, “Oh, you’re the credit card guys, right?” But there is much more that goes into our business besides “the credit card thing” and we thought sharing a client story might help it all make sense..

Turn the clocks back to a few months ago, a gentleman by the name of Joel calls us from a small town in Missouri. He owns an auto-body repair shop that has been in his family for years and processes around $30,000 per month in credit card sales volume. Joel is aware he is being overcharged on his rates and fees but does not understand how to make the fees go away or reduce his pricing. He did not want to switch merchant service providers because transitioning from one company to another he knew could be a nightmare and switching providers did not save him the amount he was promised when he did this previously. (Disclaimer: Most sales reps in the payment industry promise you big savings if you switch to their company. A great sales tactic to use especially if you are already frustrated with your current provider. Be very wary of this and make sure to read all reviews of the company before making a decision. A great place to start is www.cardpaymentoptions.com).

After about a 45 minute phone call with Joel and learning more about his business, he sent over a credit card processing statement for us to review (You should receive a statement once a month from your provider). He was paying close to 3%, 2.89% to be exact, with multiple monthly fees that he was under the impression were “mandatory.” This raised our next question to Joel, “Are you interested in lowering your credit card processing rates and fees?” Naturally, Joel responded with a ‘Yes’ as if this was the most ignorant question to ask considering everything he just told me. I do not blame him. Nonetheless, Joel was very overwhelmed at how much he was being overcharged on a monthly basis and figured to give us a shot. ( Joel, we appreciate you!) From there, everything turned out all sunshine and rainbows, his rate was reduced to sub 2% as promised, his miscellaneous monthly fees were alleviated, and his total monthly savings hovers between $150 – $200/month. His business operations stayed the same, the equipment he took credit cards on stayed the same, the only thing that changed was his tone of voice and the alleviated frustration he had from the overpriced rates and fees he was previously receiving. Joel was even kind enough to write and acknowledge our service:

“I found Merchant Cost Consulting while searching for ways to lower the credit card processing fees for my Auto repair business. I did not want to go through the hassle of switching processors. After speaking with Matt at MCC, I was confident he could help me and I signed up with them. He did exactly what he told me and got my current processor to lower my rates. I had tried this on my own several times with no success. These guys know what they are doing. I would recommend their services to any business that is accepting credit cards.”

We are much more than just “the credit card guys.” We are business consultants that are looking to help your business grow and succeed all while unmasking an industry that is deceptive, ambiguous, and downright greedy.

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