Merchant’s Guide to Navigating the Processing Industry

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Merchant’s Guide to Navigating the Processing Industry


In the United States alone, firms with fewer than 500 employees accounted for 99.7% of total businesses, while firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4%. Needless to say, small businesses make the world go around, and they all need to get paid for their services somehow, right? Welcome to the Payment Industry. A $4 trillion dollar behemoth most people are not familiar with, but yet, it’s one of the most important.

One would think accepting credit cards for their business would be easy. A customer hands you a piece of plastic, you swipe it through a credit card terminal or manually enter their information, hand the card back, and everything is great. But what most do not know, is accepting credit cards for your business is a service. Services cost money. And this service is more than others…

In this white paper, we will explore common scenarios on how and why to choose the right option when it comes to a payment provider.



A large problem with the payment industry is the amount of players that have their hand in the pot. You have Visa/Mastercard creating rates for each debit and credit card out there. You have the banks allowing merchants to accept credit card payments. And you have the processors, companies that are the liaison between the banks and the merchants. All of who are looking to be compensated.

With so many entities trying to grab a piece of the pie, the industry becomes competitive, saturated, and ruthless as everyone is competing for the same goal: Give business owners the ability to accept credit cards. The problem is, sales representatives in the payment industry being under so much pressure to accumulate accounts, leads to unethical behavior, which leads to unhappy and overcharged business owners.

The higher a company sets a merchant’s processing rates, the more money they accumulate residually in commissions. Most companies are filled with false expectations, deceiving fee structures, and long extended contracts that we highly recommend you read the fine print. Where does that money come from you ask? The merchant’s pockets.



Business owners, CFO’s, treasures, and controllers get hounded daily with solicitations from merchant service companies trying to vie for their business. From outside 1099 contracted sales reps to inside business development representatives, the calls are endless. They promise you the world. Lower rates and fees, a smooth transition from one piece of equipment or gateway to the next, and you will have the best customer service because it’s “24/7.” All music to your ears, right? Wrong.

Switching providers is a headache. Those lower rates you were promised? They are going to increase every 6 months. That smooth transition from switching equipment or gateways you ask? Just call their “24/7” customer service. You will be listening to elevator music for 30 minutes before you get an automated script telling you someone will call you back in 24/48 hours. And that state of the art equipment they want you to lease, you can buy it on Amazon for a 70% discount.



So what’s the solution to all this? For starters, make sure you read EVERYTHING that is stated upon the agreement. We even suggest having an attorney to look at your agreements just to be safe.

Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are paying. Again, read the fine print and make sure the representative goes line by line to explain all rates and fees.

Consult a professional who knows the industry. Countless times merchants believe they are getting the best deal possible. Yet they wrap themselves in long term agreements with high equipment costs and astronomical rate structures. At Card Payment Options it is our job to alleviate that.



Merchant Cost Consulting, a division of Card Payment Options, deals with credit card processing but we are not a bank, processor or merchant service provider. We actually have no affiliation with them. Merchant Cost Consulting is a contingency based firm who drives credit card processing rates down while maintaining the relationship businesses have with their banks or processors. The process is fairly simple: 

  • Audit– We will analyze one of your credit card processing statements to give a projected savings
  • Restructure– MCC will remove all unnecessary surcharges and hidden fees to ensure the business is on the lowest possible pricing.
  • Monitor– Each month MCC will monitor the statements to ensure no fees have been added.
  • Savings– The savings will be broken down each month and that is how we make our money. Strictly by the savings.



The Payments Industry. A large multi trillion dollar industry that most people cannot wrap their head around. An industry with deceptive and money hungry leaders who have driven it into a whirlwind of greed, unsavory, and dishonesty. Consult a professional. It’s free, and the time, money, and headaches it can save your business is immeasurable!


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