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Let MCC Be Your Credit Card Processing Consultant

How It Works

As your business credit card processing consultant, Merchant Cost Consulting seeks to reduce merchant service fees to bottom line, wholesale pricing, on your behalf. The process to do this is simple, easy, and requires minimal-to-no effort on your end.

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MCC will conduct an initial audit of its client’s merchant service provider processing statements.

Three to six months worth of statements will be analyzed that allows Merchant Cost Consulting to identify hidden fees, surcharges, unethical pricing, and overall costs of the current situation of the client.

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The next step: Execution and obtaining lower credit card merchant fees for the client.

MCC will renegotiate your monthly rates with your existing credit card processing company. There is very little legwork on your end, and you do not have to change your current processor, bank or equipment / software. The entire process typically takes 5-7 business days.

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The last step: Auditing and Monitoring.

As a client’s credit card processing consultant, obtaining savings is only half the battle. The most value MCC’s clients experience is the piece of mind that they are processing credit cards at the lowest possible rate obtainable based on the metrics of their business. Every month, Merchant Cost Consulting will audit its client’s credit card processing statements to ensure the rates are never increased and there are no additional hidden fees added. Should increases occur, MCC obtains refunds and credit to its clients for overages that should have never taken place.

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