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Merchant Services Provider FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to switch from my current merchant services provider?
No. MCC does not look to switch your bank or credit card processor. We obtain your business savings while keeping the current equipment, processor and bank in place.
How are you compensated?
MCC shares in the savings we can deliver on a monthly basis. If there are no savings, our team does not get compensated.
How does the free merchant statement audit work?
All you need to do is submit your processing statement and one of our experts will reach out within 1-2 business days in regards to the findings. We typically find savings and hidden fees on 96% of the statements we look at.
Are you a merchant services provider?
No. MCC is strictly a consulting firm looking to help our clients save as much money as possible on their merchant service fees.
What happens if we want to switch merchant account providers after signing up with MCC services?
MCC does not require our clients to stay with their current processing company. If you want to switch to a new merchant processing company we are happy to help. We just ask before signing anything in regards to credit card processing you have one of our experts review to ensure the pricing is correct.
I am currently under agreement with my processing company, can I still work with your company?
Absolutely. The majority of our clients are under contract with their existing processing company when they hire us. We can still find ways to drive down your costs while working within the current contract.
How much time does it take for MCC to reduce my rates?
It typically takes anywhere from 5-7 business days for the pricing to go down. There typically is very little legwork required on your end other than the initial analysis.
What if there are no savings found?
If there are no savings found then our team is not owed anything. You are right back to where you were before speaking with us.

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