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Brewers Association Members can Save Big on Merchant Service Fees Without Changing Processors, POS Equipment or Software

MCC is hired to negotiate, audit, and optimize the processing fees you incur every month without switching or changing your current processor, POS equipment, or software system. We are NOT a credit card processor or provider but an advocate to ensure members can negotiate the lowest cost with their existing vendor. We will then audit your merchant statements to protect you against any rate increases, hidden fees, or billing errors.

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For more details contact Jim Adams, Senior Consultant at Merchant Cost Consulting: (617) 306-2578, [email protected]

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Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees Without Changing Your Software or Processor.

Get a Free Audit & Analysis and Find Out How Much Merchant Cost Consulting Can Save You.

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It starts with a FREE ANALYSIS.

Send us the last three to six statements from your processor. We will find any hidden junk fees or exorbitant rates and estimate how much they can save you per month. If we can’t find savings, we will let you know. If we do, they can offer savings in three important categories.

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MCC can go back in time and get your fees and overcharges refunded. Typically, we can go back one to three months. This, alone, can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket.


MCC will negotiate away any junk fees and overcharges with your processor to get your processing fees to where they should be. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, depending on your volume and existing fees.


MCC will monitor your credit card statements as they come in over the future. The credit card companies are known to slowly creep back up their junk fees and processing rates and even add new ones. This is the area that often surprises people. Even those who have renegotiated rates with their processors often find savings. That’s why MCC monitors your account. When your processor raises rates, we call them to refund the rates and keep your costs rock bottom.


Switching credit card processing companies can be one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to lower credit card processing fees.

Without having to switch merchant service providers, banks or equipment, Merchant Cost Consulting may be able to reduce your merchant service costs incurred on a monthly basis.

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Accepting credit card payments is a necessity for all businesses in the modern marketplace. However, credit card companies make it confusing and costly to utilize them. Merchant Cost Consulting really follows through on their promise to negotiate on your behalf and save your business real money. I will save approximately $1000 a month in credit card processing fees because of Merchant Cost Consulting's expertise and assistance. That's something to be excited about!

Donald Balhoff , Owner, Balhoff Orthodontics

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They helped drop our credit card fees by 40%

Karl Lenz , Bookkeeper, Hess Orthodontics

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Great experience with Colin from start to finish. Seamless communication and took almost no time of mine to significantly help with my rates. Highly recommend!

William Brown , Owner, Factoria Orthodontics

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