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Save Big on Merchant Service Fees Without Switching Credit Card Processing Companies

Switching credit card processing companies can be one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to lower credit card processing fees.

Without having to switch merchant service providers, banks or equipment, Merchant Cost Consulting reduces your merchant service costs incurred on a monthly basis.

Are You Paying Too Much on Your Credit Card Processing Fees?

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What You Need to Know About Switching Merchant Services

Credit card processing companies will quote a business savings, but a processor’s goal is to cost just a little bit less than the last processing company.

The higher a processing company can set a business’s rate, the more money the processor or bank makes. And the more money a credit card processing company makes, the more a business has to pay.

Wouldn’t it be nice if changing credit card processing companies didn’t have to be an option? Wouldn’t it be nice if a business could stay with a merchant service company, but obtain the savings your business needs?

switching credit card processing companies
changing credit card processing companies

Defend Yourself Against Merchant Service Companies

This is where Merchant Cost Consulting comes in. Switching credit card processing companies can cause significant headaches for a business. Merchant service companies are notoriously known for adding unnecessary charges or slowly raising your credit card processing fees every month without your notice.

What good is it switching merchant service companies or negotiating on your own, if processors are going to increase the rates in 3 months?

Let Merchant Cost Consulting be your watchdog and advocate to obtaining and monitoring the best rates possible.

changing credit card processing companies

The Process to Lower Your Merchant Fees

Merchant Cost Consulting does a free initial audit of your last 3 merchant service statements and presents the potential savings you can obtain. The audits showcases how much you are overpaying in merchant fees every month and the money that can go directly in your pocket without changing credit card processing companies.

Once both parties agree to move forward and have MCC obtain the savings, Merchant Cost Consulting negotiates directly with your merchant service provider to start the savings process. This can take anywhere from 2-7 business days depending on the processing company. In an average negotiation, MCC gets a client substantially lower fees than if the client was switching merchant service companies.

After savings are obtained and the rates have been reduced, MCC obtains refunds or credits necessary, putting more money back into the pockets of your business. Every month thereafter, MCC audits your statement to ensure rate increases are alleviated, hidden fees diminish, and that your business is on the lowest possible rate at all times.

switching merchant services
BirdDog HR

I found Merchant Cost Consulting to be VERY easy to work with! It was simple to sign up, they did all the work with my credit card processor, and I received savings immediately. Highly recommended!

Sandra Newsom , CFO, BirdDog HR

R & R Bayview Resort

I can honestly say it is the first time in 20 years of dealing with merchant services I finally feel at ease knowing this company has got my back. What are you waiting for…Give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Lorena DeJoode , President, R & R Bayview Resort


We have been working with [MCC] for close to a year now, and they have been able to save us a considerable amount of money on our credit card processing. The process of onboarding their services was seamless…very easy and straightforward. Glad we made the decision to partner with Merchant Cost Consulting.

Frank Peditto , President, ReloTrans

North Shore Pool Supply

We have been working with MCC for over a year now. MCC negotiated much better terms with our credit card processor and we have saved thousands of dollars in fees. All this with no effort on our part—we provided them with some background and they took it from there! Very seamless!

Chris Callanan , Owner, North Shore Pool Supply


We realized an immediate savings once we signed up with MCC, but what is even better is the service after the sale…They consistently monitor our account and keep our payment processor honest. I was recently notified of an increase that had been implemented by our payment processor that MCC caught, corrected, and had a reimbursement check cut!

David La Borde , Finance Manager, The Country Vet PC

meet your psychic

MCC went above and beyond to deliver exactly what they promised. In an industry full of scam artists, they are the buffer you need to get the best rates. If you process cards, you need MCC on your side.

Eric Kohn , CEO, Meet Your Psychic

Adams Automotive

MCC did exactly what they told me and got my current processor to lower my rates. I had tried this on my own several times with no success. These guys know what they are doing. I would recommend their services to any business that is accepting credit cards.

Noel Adams , Owner, Adams Automotive


There was a lot more room for deductions as I found out when Merchant Cost Consulting started negotiating with my merchant provider. Staying with my current provider I now have very competitive rates. Best yet, they get paid monthly to save me the most they can, so they’re watching my account so they can make more money — win, win.

Matt Van Wormer , CEO, Info LTD

European Auto Ltd

Signing on with Merchant Cost Consulting has easily been one of the wisest business decisions we’ve made in the past year. MCC is professional, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. Our merchant fees have decreased appreciably and the peace of mind we have gained is priceless. A+++

Nancy Sylvester , Owner, European Auto Ltd.

Golden Home Fitness

Using Merchant Cost Consulting was one of the easiest business decisions I have made! It’s really a no-brainer. They have cut my merchant service costs in half! It was very easy to implement. I couldn’t be more pleased and I am telling all my colleagues about them. I highly recommend giving them a call to see how they can help you!

William Thorpe , President, Golden Home Fitness

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