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PatientNow Fees and Updates For Payment Processing (2024)


Mar 5, 2024

PatientNow Fees and Updates For Payment Processing (2024)

PatientNow is known for its practice management tools for clinics in the elective medical field. But they also provide payment processing solutions for their clients. This includes card-present, text-to-pay, and card-on-file transactions. 

If you’re currently using PatientNow to process payments for your practice, use this guide to keep pace with the latest interchange fees, rate increases, and updates from the provider. 

PatientNow is Increasing Processing Rates Effective April 1, 2024

In a notice to clients, PatientNow announced a processing rate increase that goes into effect on 4/1/2024. Payment processing rates are increasing by 0.05% per transaction

As an explanation for the increase, PatientNow cited new features, rising costs, and inflation. 

If you have questions about this increase, PatientNow is advising their clients to call for more information. 

About PatientNow

PatientNow is a practice management solution that provides HIPAA-compliant EMR software and payment processing solutions for elective healthcare categories like:

  • Med Spa
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Weight Loss
  • IV Therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Wellness

It’s used by 4,795+ practices worldwide, and books an average of 1.8+ million appointments per month through the software. PatientNow processed 1.7 billion payments in 2023.

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