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How Does A Credit Card Merchant Fee Audit Work?


Aug 30, 2019

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What is a credit card merchant fee audit? 

How does a business know if a credit card processing company is really offering the lower credit card merchant fees it is promising? In the Payment’s industry, a credit card processing company’s main goal is to allow a business to accept credit card payments, but at a hefty price. 

The higher a credit card processing company can set a business’s rates and fees, the more money that specific credit card processing company makes in profit on that business. This can lead to unethical and deceptive sales tactics. But what if a business could permanently get lower credit card merchant fees and not have to change credit card processing companies

A credit card merchant fee audit takes a look at every single credit or debit card transaction your business accepts on a monthly basis. It analyzes if you are getting the correct levels of interchange from the card networks based on your SIC code, card type, and card level. A credit card merchant fee audit will also calculate the service markup that your current credit card merchant processor is charging you and how much additional charges you are overpaying for. 

Would it not be nice to have a complete unbiased, transparent answer to how much you are being overcharged every month, and no cost or fee to find out this type of information? 

…So how can I find out how much I am being overcharged in credit card merchant fees?

Que Merchant Cost Consulting’s free credit card merchant fee statement analysis! At the end of the day, there is not much difference between one credit card processing company to the next. One credit card processing company may have a proprietary software, the other may specialize in a specific industry, but all have the same goal. Merchant Cost Cost Consulting allows for a free credit card merchant fee savings analysis to make sure a business has the capacity to lower credit card merchant fees with its current credit card processing company.

What does the free credit card merchant fee savings analysis entail? An extensive audit of a business’s credit card processing statement to showcase the savings a business can obtain and recommendations on how to lower credit card merchant fees

Merchant Cost Consulting can lower credit card merchant fees for businesses without the need to switch the business’s credit card processing company. Lower credit card merchant fees is imperative for any business trying to reduce its operating expense and increase a firm’s ROI. With credit card merchant fees always changing, it is difficult for businesses to understand how the credit card merchant fees actually work and how the credit card merchant fees are actually charged to businesses.

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By Matt Rej

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